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Gas Man
04-13-2012, 11:49 PM
Look pretty cool!!

reCycle Clocks (http://www.onestopgreen.com/innovative-product-solutions/green-living/green-accents/recycle-clocks/recycle-clocks.aspx)

Handcrafted by artist and Motorcycle Safety Instructor Michole Madden, reCycle Clocks are created from old motorcycle parts and other found objects. Every clock is 100% unique. These one-of-a-kind pieces look great in any room of your house or workspace and they make great gifts for all your motorcycle-loving friends. A necessary item in every man cave!

The Process
Each of these clocks is a work of love. First, she spends days driving around to motorcycle shops, sweet-talking mechanics and trying to beat the scrap metal guy, to find interesting pieces. Then she hits a huge circuit of thrift stores looking for just the right backings to use.

After she has collected a box of stuff, she spends another couple days soaking, cleaning and polishing every piece before it goes to her workbench. Recently she has also started powder-coating and oxidizing parts to get some different effects.

Then the fun of visualizing begins. She tries lots of different combinations until the right parts meet each other. Next comes the drilling, filing, bolting and wrenching.

Finally, she selects just the right clock hands to add the finishing touch....and then a battery to bring it to life!

All the clocks are made from about 90% recycled materials—the only parts that are new are the bolts and the clock mechanisms, which are all top quality quartz movements and have a 10-year warranty.