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Gas Man
12-30-2011, 01:17 PM
And yet so many guys here don't... :didntdo:

Harley Davidson Owners In India Want Helmets With American Department of Transportation (DOT) Or Australian Certification Logos. In Mumbai, India, the police commissioner had instructed the police officers to fine all bikers wearing helmets without the ISI (Bureau Of Indian Standards) certification mark. Problem is that ISI certified helmets are unanimously recognized as of cheap quality and less impact resistant than their American and Australian counterparts. So, for now in India, riding with a certified ISI helmet is risky business and riding with a good helmet is prohibited and costs you a fine. Of course, many have found out that putting an ISI sticker over a DOT mark works fine with the Mumbai PD.

12-31-2011, 12:27 PM
Ass backwards isn't it. Why would a city have you wear an inferior helmet (ISI) as opposed to a (DOT) knowing it's a better lid? Maybe the commissioner or whoever instructed him to fine all bikers without the ISI lids has some interest in them. Maybe?

Gas Man
12-31-2011, 12:42 PM
Consider that some countries aren't in it for safety as much as image of the "state".

12-31-2011, 12:54 PM
Thats a valid point Chris. I think that goes for every country perhaps even ours at times.

12-31-2011, 08:44 PM
they first need to learn how to drive/ride, no?

Gas Man
01-01-2012, 06:22 AM
Good call :lol: