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12-28-2011, 11:47 PM
I know this is a touchy subject so if you have any ill fellings , move on. I was just curious how long all you guys and gals have been riding and if you have ever dropped/layed your bikes down? In 85 me and a buddy were cruising down I-75 in rockwood, it was late and dark out,. I hit a pothole doing aroud 70 or so, lost control but managed to get the bike to half the speed then I went down on the right hand lane shoulder. Hurt a little but no major damage. Four years ago my son and I were taking a brand new bike straight from the dealer out of our trailer in our driveway. The ramp was only 12inches wide. We got it half way down the ramp thats when we played I got it you got. Well neither of us had it.we both let go. Bike went down two feet of the ramp on its side :bash: . Seven hundred in damage and I had only ridden the bike once as a test ride!

12-29-2011, 12:09 AM
Been riding for 3 year went down once last summer when a lady pulled out in front of me at an intersection on a side street. She had the yield sign and I had no sign. I saw her stopped then she pulled into the intersection and I was going a little fast about 35 mph and I panicked and grabbed the breaks too hard and low sided and slid for about 30 feet. I got scrapped up pretty good and some bruises but I got lucky I didn't get hit. I probably wouldn't have even got hurt but I tried saving the bike and kinda put myself under in the attempt. When I got upon and proceed to scream at the lady I must have scared her off because when I picked up the bike and moved it to the side and turned around she was gone. This shitty thing is I was still on my street and only a block down from my house. In hind sight I could have probably aimed to the side for the grass or some thing but I'm still a new rider and hind sight is always 20/20 right.

Gas Man
12-29-2011, 09:53 AM
Well they say about riders who have or haven't crashed...

I have...

My first bike, parking lot dumped my Ninja EX500 showin off, real minor damage. Dumped it on the entrance ramp on West road to 75 south. Going west on west rd, left turn too hot, hit something in the middle of the turn, went off roading and would have been set, then the front wheel fell into a hole in the tall grass, lightly drop it.

My Ninja 9R, after a hard day of hittin the twisties, we were heading back to the highway... back in the WOS days, and had about 16 other sportbikes following me. Had a deer get chased up into the road by a dog, right in front of me... end up high siding the bike trying to not hit the dear, the bike without me on it, nipped the small deer's legs. But I was already rolling down the road. Cracked the side case on the bike and some minor rash... nothing too bad. I was leathered up from top to bottom and didn't substain any real injury other than bruises. Almost got ran over though by the oncoming traffic. That was scary!

The chopper, I smoked a yugo sized pot hole and when the frame bottomed out on the non-pot hole surface the bike flipped over INSTANTLY giving me some road rash and as well as the bike. Tore it down that winter and made it sicker than shit. Renamed the bike the Phoenix.

That is it for me... defnately learn from downs. I now have about 75k on two wheels under my belt.

DK Custom
01-02-2012, 02:27 PM
Been down countless times on dirt bikes...don't even ride them anymore.

On the street:
35 years ago I hit an spot of oil in a left turn, bike went one way and I went the other. No damage to me, a few scrapes on the bike.
Same year, 35 years ago, a Porsche backed out onto the highway and I slowed to about 5 mph before hitting his back quarter panel. No damage to me or the bike, but it sure messed his car up.
Fast forward hundreds of thousands of miles with no incidents and 2 years ago a texter in a mini-van came around the corner in my lane. I avoided her but leaned over to far and low sided and slid 50 feet on the front crash bar and saddlebag guard and primary. $1800 damage to bike, none to me.
August 2010 a f250 t-boned me on the interstate (yep, he was going sideways across interstate traffic). I was doing 65, he was doing 20. Totaled the Ultra and broke 20 bones. Spent 4 months in bed before I could walk again. Mesh armored jacket, kevlar type jeans, boots, gloves, modular helmet-no road rash or concussion.

01-02-2012, 03:11 PM
1975......Kawi 90 streetbike, this was my first time on a motorcycle...........I was in my neighborhood full out 5th gear ..........target fixated on a ...wait for it............HOUSE. Hedges cushioned my fork bending crash to the left of the living room picture window, helmet saved me. As I staggered to stand, the homes elderly owner ( a tiny white haired women) shrieked and mumbled something about her bushes, the next thing I know she was hitting me with a broom. Anyway, I was hooked, motorcycles forever for me.
I have not been down since (knocks on wood).

Gas Man
01-02-2012, 03:56 PM
Great stories guys. LOL

01-02-2012, 07:49 PM
First bike was a 450 Nighthawk. I took a side street corner without slowing. I really cut the apex, right through the gravel by the curb (DOH!), and down I went. I was laying in the street with my arms over my head still holding the bars, lol. Guy yells "woh, dude you OK?" from his porch. I got up, picked the bike up and looked everything over. I had a good rash on my arm where my jean jacket sleeve slid up (thankfully no hole in jacket, lol). I borrowed pliers from porch guy and bent my shifter back, popped the turn signal back in and headed on home.