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Gas Man
12-09-2008, 08:05 PM
... and I drive a damn chevy

Further this is why the F150 has been the #1 selling truck for how many years?* Like 20?* Fucking long time...

Proving Grounds (http://"http://www.fordvehicles.com/2009f150/")

12-10-2008, 07:30 AM
cannot bring the page up. i work* for ford and have been to most ford plants in the area. did you know that utica plant still has an unused test track? got in trouble with security for racing around the track ;D. there is one facility that takes new fords right off the line and takes them apart. they test individual components of the car/ truck and put them back together. i know the guys that run the place and would love to buy one of their vehicles. i know all manufactures do the same

12-10-2008, 09:49 PM
Maybe this link? http://www.fordvehicles.com/2009f150/

My F-150 was one of my favorite vehicles ever owned.* It really changed the way I thought of Ford.

12-11-2008, 07:28 AM
forgot to mention that we were racing around the tesr track in L9000 fords with 53ft trailers ;D

12-12-2008, 09:37 PM
forgot to mention that we were racing around the tesr track in L9000 fords with 53ft trailers ;D

Nice!* LOL* My cousin works at the test track in Dearborn.

12-13-2008, 10:12 AM
There is also a test track adjacent to the Ford plant in Livonia, on Plymouth Road.* My bud was a transmission engineer there.* They used to run cars on the track and slam the tranny into park at 35-50 mph., to 'see what happened'.* All very technical, of course.* ;D*

He said you would be surprised to see how well they tolerated that move.* Trying to make the idiot-proof device.

12-13-2008, 02:02 PM
I used to do some contract work at the "TACOM" plant in Warren. When I stepped outside my building to smoke, I was standing beside their test track, and usually saw a variety of tanks being speed/suspension tested, and that was some shit!* :o

Gas Man
12-13-2008, 11:24 PM
There is also a test track adjacent to the Ford plant in Livonia, on Plymouth Road.* My bud was a transmission engineer there.* They used to run cars on the track and slam the tranny into park at 35-50 mph., to 'see what happened'.* All very technical, of course.** ;D*

He said you would be surprised to see how well they tolerated that move.* Trying to make the idiot-proof device.

Shit I've been with buds that have done WAY WAY worse to trucks than 50mph in park (which YES we very much did a few times).

Try $8k worth of damage including twisting the frame in a 18hr old 4x4 truck!!* YES 18hrs after signing the papers on the new truck!!!
Shortly there after...
another 9k after t-boning an oak at abotu 30mph in the woods
snapped the transfer case in half after gernading the drive chain inside
broke 2 axles
went thru 2 front subframes
then rolled it twice in a telephone poll which ended up ending that poor trucks life at only 8months old.


Each time they tried to not cover any non-collision repairs due to excessive wear... he showed them the brochuer that had them doing all the things he was doing like mudding and off roading.* Also pointed to the rear fender that had a sticker "4x4 Off Road".* THEY FIXED IT!

12-15-2008, 02:46 PM
I still say buy american.*

My dad has a 2000 Silverado, and it's still going strong.

Those Toyota, Nissan and import trucks are POS.*

They simply don't take the beating that an american truck will take.* I like cars and think the Ford Fusion is tits... but I'd go for a Saturn Sky if in the market now.

Gas Man
12-15-2008, 03:26 PM
I'm with ya Berto... its easy to understand that when you live in michigan.* but try to convince these pussified fucks in other places in the country.*

12-16-2008, 06:26 PM
I wholeheartedly agree. And great video! My ex wife builds the Dodge Ram, and they're nice looking trucks, but if I needed a REAL truck, it would be Ford, no question. Not just another pretty face.

Gas Man
12-16-2008, 06:41 PM
Listen... there is allot of talk about domestic vs foreign trucks... I say a truck MUST be a DOMESTIC.* It is what it is!* When you think of truck you should think of a Big 3 Truck.* LIke when you think of classic muscle car, you don't think of a Nissan 280ZX, you think of V-8 cammed out lobed Stang, Camero, Nova, Chevel...

Further, on that topic... here's a HOLY post from another site and a fellow michigander.* he works in the industry and really knows his stuff.

Ok let me catch up a bit here. I will attempt to shed some light here. Keep on mind that I work for a company whose headquarters is in Germany. I do business in about any country in the world that is worth a shit. I understand we are living in a global economy - good, bad or indifferent. I import and export shit every day. I deal with all the auto manufacturers including Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, Auto Alliance (Mazda), GM, Ford, (don't deal much with Chrysler because the fuckers don't pay period and play games but I still do to a point), Tata Motors, etc.

First off here is the fundamental problem the fascist brainwashing media won't tell you because it won't sell papers or get people to watch their bullshit news:

Ford, GM and Chrysler have a shitload of retirees and that adds big time to the cost of a car. They, for now while they can, are taking care of these retirees - it cost billions for them to do so and rightfully so - you work your entire life making a company money they shouldn't throw you in the dumpster and move on. You can take the Union out of the equation and they still would struggle to compete just from this one fact. Therefore to be more competitive they seek low cost country sourcing like Mexico. A lot of people motherfuck them for doing so but between the retiree benefits and pensions and the hoops the EPA makes them jump through there aren't left with a lot of options. Now Toyota has virtually no retirees, same with Honda and Nissan who has the most because they have been here the longest still pales in comparison to any 1 of the 3.

Second Mercedes, BMW, Hyundai, Toyota, VW - all the big guns - set up shop in right to work states. Therefore no union and ultimately a lot lower wages. Did you know that when Mercedes came to Alabama they were given $1 billion in your tax money to set up shop there? Interesting. I am sure all the others were handsomely rewarded as well otherwise why would Hyundai set up in Alabama and then back to back set up a Kia plant across the street in Georgia.

Third Japanese, German and Chinese companies have ALL received "bailout" money from their governments at one time or another and rumor is right now with the depressed economy they are after a little more. Their governments take care of them virtually no questions asked because they recognize their value.

Fourth - a big fact that most people, especially the media who glosses over it, don't understand that this "bailout" is a loan not a handout - Chrysler got a $1 billion loan about 20 years ago and paid back every cent.

Fifth - you say you understand the ramifications if we don't do a bailout - but do you? Two words come to mind for me - economic collapse. This little recession we are in causing us so much grief is based on a 0.3% decrease in the GNP - that is a ZERO in front of the decimal. If GM, Ford and Chrysler go out you are looking at a 4% decrease in the GNP.

Sixth - The media loves to embed in your head that Toyota and all these fuckers employ Americans and they build plants in America and their cars are more American than even the American companies. But what they don't tell you is that their plants are FREE TRADE ZONES - basically when you step onto their property you give up all your rights as an American citizen and you are on foreign soil. They also manipulate free trade by not getting taxed on parts they bring from overseas - they are only taxed on the final product - the car or suv they "export" to the dealership - i.e. drive off the free trade zone to the dealership - this is total bullshit. They save billions this way and it enables them to be far more competitive.

Seventh - Back to them employing Americans - yeah that part is true but if you work with or for these companies it will be real apparent real quick who is in charge. For instance Hyundai - the Koreans call all the shots. The other issue is they are not employing unemployed Americans they are employing like farmers who already were contributing but now they quit farming and go to work for more money in the auto plant. And the problem with it is the profits are being funneled back to their motherlands - not back into our system - they only spend what they need to here.

Eighth - the buddy system. Of course every company has "preferred" suppliers that is no secret - maybe each plant has one, etc. These foreign companies rely HEAVILY on foreign suppliers - such as conveyors - Nissan uses NKC out of Japan almost exclusively - so the money they are spending goes where? Not to America. Of course you also have Daifuku - another Japanese conveyor company that is big in Toyota.

On the surface they can sugarcoat the foreign auto makers all they want and bash the american companies but it is mostly media propaganda for a variety of reasons to influence your thoughts about the subject - don't buy it. Do research, think for yourself, consider all the variables, etc. Remember World War II - when we didn't have enough resources to build our war machines who shut down production and dealerships to help with the war effort? The big 3. Now if the big 3 slips away and we don't give them a mere pittance to keep them going who is going to be there the next time we need them? Toyota? I think not. And none of the other fuckers will either - they are only here to capitalize on what they call "the Americas" and when the well runs dry they will move on to greener pastures leaving us to rot in hell. Here is a very interesting read (and there is a lot more information out there if you take the time to search it out - drop the media, forget the bullshit you see on TV and look for the real answers - the problem is most of the sheep of this country do not do so):

Incredible editorial from one of our Dealers in the Pittsburgh Region. Attached is a well written "Letter to the Editor" from Elkins Fordland.

As I watch the coverage of the fate of the U.S. auto industry, one alarming and frustrating fact hits me right between the eyes. The fate of our nation's economic survival is in the hands of some congressmen who are completely out of touch and act without knowledge of an industry that affects almost every person in our nation. The same lack of knowledge is shared with many journalists whom are irresponsible when influencing the opinion of millions of viewers. Sen. Richard Shelby of Alabama has doomed the industry, calling it a dinosaur. No Mr. Shelby, you are the dinosaur, with ideas stuck in the '70s, '80s and '90s. You and the uninformed journalist and senators that hold onto myths that are not relevant in today's world. When you say that the Big Three build vehicles nobody wants to buy, you must have overlooked that GM outsold Toyota by about 1.2 million vehicles in the U.S. and Ford outsold Honda by 850,000 and Nissan by 1.2 million in the U.S. GM was the world's No. 1 automaker beating Toyota by 3,000 units.
When you claim inferior quality comes from the Big Three, did you realize that Chevy makes the Malibu and Ford makes the Fusion that were both rated over the Camry and Accord by J.D. Power independent survey on initial quality? Did you bother to read the Consumer Report that rated Ford on par with good Japanese automakers.
Did you realize Big Three's gas guzzlers include the 33 mpg Malibu that beats the Accord. And for '09 Ford introduces the Hybrid Fusion whose 39 mpg is the best midsize, beating the Camry Hybrid. Ford's Focus beats the Corolla and Chevy's Cobalt beats the Civic.
When you ask how many times are we going to bail them out you must be referring to 1980. The only Big Three bailout was Chrysler, who paid back $1 billion, plus interest. GM and Ford have never received government aid.

When you criticize the Big Three for building so many pickups, surely you've noticed the attempts Toyota and Nissan have made spending billions to try to get a piece of that pie. Perhaps it bothers you that for 31 straight years Ford's F-Series has been the best selling vehicle. Ford and GM have dominated this market and when you see the new '09 F-150 you'll agree this won't change soon.
Did you realize that both GM and Ford offer more hybrid models than Nissan or Honda. Between 2005 and 2007, Ford alone has invested more than $22 billion in research and development of technologies such as Eco Boost, flex fuel, clean diesel, hybrids, plug in hybrids and hydrogen cars.
It's 2008 and the quality of the vehicles coming out of Detroit are once again the best in the world. Perhaps Sen. Shelby isn't really that blind. Maybe he realizes the quality shift to American. Maybe it's the fact that his state of Alabama has given so much to land factories from Honda, Hyundai and Mercedes Benz that he is more concerned about their continued growth than he is about the people of our country. Sen. Shelby's disdain for "government
subsidies" is very hypocritical. In the early '90s he was the driving force behind a $253 million incentive package to Mercedes. Plus, Alabama agreed to purchase 2,500 vehicles from Mercedes. While the bridge loan the Big Three is requesting will be paid back, Alabama's $180,000-plus per job was pure incentive. Sen. Shelby, not only are you out of touch, you are a self-serving hypocrite, who is prepared to ruin our nation because of lack
of knowledge and lack of! due diligence in making your opinions and decisions.
After 9/11, the Detroit Three and Harley Davidson gave $40 million-plus emergency vehicles to the recovery efforts. What was given to the 9/11 relief effort by the Asian and European Auto Manufactures? $0 Nada. Zip!
We live in a world of free trade, world economy and we have not been able to produce products as cost efficiently. While the governments of other auto producing nations subsidize their automakers, our government may be ready to force its demise. While our automakers have paid union wages, benefits and legacy debt, our Asian competitors employ cheap labor. We are at an extreme disadvantage in production cost. Although many UAW concession s begin in 2010, many lawmakers think it's not enough. Some point the blame to corporate management. I would like to speak of Ford Motor Co. The company has streamlined by reducing our workforce by 51,000 since 2005, closing 17 plants and cutting expenses. Product and future product is excellent and the company is focused on one Ford. This is a company poised for success. Ford product quality and corporate management have improved light years since the nightmare of Jacques Nasser. Thank you Alan Mulally and the best auto company management team in the business. The financial collapse caused by the secondary mortgage fiasco and the greed of Wall Street has led to a $700 billion bailout of the industry that created th e problem. AIG spent nearly $1 million on three company excursions to lavish resorts and hunting destinations. Paulson is saying no to $250 billion foreclosure relief and the whole thing is a mess. So when the Big Three ask for 4 percent of that of the $700 billion, $25 billion to save the country's largest industry, there is obviously oppositions. But does it make sense to reward the culprits of the problem with $700 billion unconditionally, and ignore the victims?
As a Ford dealer, I feel our portion of the $25 billion will never be touched and is not necessary. Ford currently has $29 billion of liquidity. However, the effect of a bankruptcy by GM will hurt the suppliers we all do business with. A Chapter 11 bankruptcy by any manufacture would cost retirees their health care and retirements. Chances are GM would recover from Chapter 11 with a better business plan with much less expense. So who foots the bill if GM or all three go Chapter 11? All that extra health care, unemployment, loss of tax base and some forgiven debt goes back to the taxpayer, us. With no chance of repayment, this would be much worse than a loan with the intent of repayment. So while it is debatable whether a loan or Chapter 11 is better for the Big Three, a $25 billion loan is definitely better for the taxpayers and the economy of our country. So I'll end where I began on the quality of the products of Detroit. Before you, Mr. or Ms. Journalist continue to misinform the American public and turn them against one of the great industries that helped build this nation, I must ask you one question. Before you, Mr. or Madam Congressman vote to end health care and retirement benefits for 1 million retirees, eliminate 2.5 million of our nation's jobs, lose the technology that will lead us in the future and create an economic disaster including hundreds of billions of tax dollars lost, I ask this question not in the rhetorical sense. I ask it in the sincere, literal way. Can you tell me, have you driven a Ford lately?

Jim Jackson

12-16-2008, 08:02 PM
F...inAholes.* No one ever asks do these people drive cars or their kids that are off in school some where or how do they get around they don't walk or live in the offices.* How much money do they make a year and don't do crap.* Then once you have all these countries and nations with crime up the a.. you are going to ask why, then people are really goina "bare arms"

If we will hurt, where do you think we get some of the parts we use, the suppliers will be far and in between

12-17-2008, 06:08 PM
Wow. Well put.