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Gas Man
12-07-2008, 02:34 AM
Another little something I put together from my archieves

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CLICK for article (http://"http://www.motorbikestoday.com/reviews/Articles/harley_fat_boy.htm")

A good article from a Euro sportbike mag that I found on a sportbike forum. Which got me to thinking about my trasition from sportbike to the chop and my rides on other cruisers as of late.* So I posted a reply on that sportbike forum that I added in below...

Well as a former sportbike rider that has tried it all from knee draggin, stunting, and streetfighting.* I started riding different bikes on demo days and started to open my eyes to how much fun a bike can be even if it can't do 0-100mph in first gear.

For me it was that open mind and my safety concoius, coupled with age (I'm sure) that got the best of me.* * Then I realized, I'm never going to slow down on my sportbike (9R).* Going down in size would just mean I would ring the motors neck more and in the end do the same crap.* Its the high revving motor, seating position, bike's stance, and overall ease and expectance to go fast and do crazy!

Now I was faced with the decision of what to get.* What do I want?* What can I afford?* I had rode dual sports, BMWs, Buells, Victory, HD, Big Dog, chopper shops, titan, ect...* Went to all the above including the jap counter parts.* Even walked into a few HD dealers and said "show me your most expensive bike with the largest back tire you have.* Maybe I watched one too many episodes of American Chopper or Biker Build Off.* But I foundmyself realizing I have always loved the choppers and had previously wished to have botha a sportbike and a chopper.*

Went to a dealer that carried Big dog, American Iron Horse, Bourget, Swift, OCC, and a few others.* Nothing held a candle to the Big dogs.* Figured out how to afford it and made the plunge.

I still remember my first ride on the bike from the dealership.* 30 degrees out and my wife following in the car.* I had 15 miles of bone chilling excitement to get thru on this $35,000 chrome masterpiece!* The crazy vibrations of the hard mounted HUGE v-twin under me were soon blended with my teeth chattering.

I would stop ok.* The dog's brakes are actually GREAT performers with stainless steel braided all around and Performence Machine rotors and dual piston calipers.* Then when I would take off, I found my feet in search of the pegs behind and under me... just to find them out in front.* OH YEAH!* DUH!

Hey, wave at that guy.* Look at those people pointing.* Do I have something on me?* :scratch: Something coming off me?* :idk: Oh, those people are giving me huge :dthumb:* Hey they like it!* Cool!*

Going thru corners... what's this handle bar turning at over foot speeds?* Man that is wierd..huh!* Man I must look like a completely noob!

Got it home and started to analize it.* Man they just don't skimp.* SS all around, chrome and polish everywhere.* All the big names.* All American made!* S&S, Baker, AutoMeter, TP, PM, and lots of BD pripriatary (sp?) parts just to name a few.*

I love my big dog.* Love everything about it.* I have met a whole nother segment of riders.* I throughly enjoy riding so much more.* The bike has more soul than anything I have ever rode.* Yes soul, it can be finiky and have a attitude.* It gets cranky when cold till it warms up.* It needs summer and winter jetting.* But its old school.* Everybody seems to agree.* From kids, to old people, sportbike riders, HD guys, nothing gets more attention that the chopper.*

Slow?* Um no way under no un-certain terms.* I generally can't twist the throttle WOT.* It just accelerates and pulls so hard it wants to come out from under you.* Now of coarse I have it cammed and stroked the carb and such...* but not slow.*

Can it turn?* Sure.. I can't keep up with the realy fast track types but its more due to my ground clearances and not wanting to push the brakes that hard.* My chicken strips are evidence of the low slung pipes and only 4" of ground clearance.* Don't believe it.. check the drug pipes and frame rails, that should be evidence enough.* Another interesting difference... you have to COUNTER-lean to push these cruisers hard thru a corner.*

How does the 2007 HD Sporty 883 Low compare... about as much as you would think for a 1/4 of the Big Dog's price tag.* Pluses... maybe even more reliable, FI, rubber mounted motor, and tried and true parts.* Downfalls... mass production differences like cheaper looking parts, pegs, less chrome, and worst of all WAY less power.* It is also lacking the soul of the Big Dog, but most noticably from its FI.* But probably the best vechicle purchase expierence I have ever had.* EVER!!* ANY TYPE OF VECHICLE!!!*

My bro has a Honda VTX.* It has alot of the same similarities as the Sporty does.* But some difference.* Most of what you would expect.* It gets less attention and noticably so.* First off people are taken back that its not a HD.* What was the first giveaway?* It acts like what you'd expect from a Honda.* Its very quiet and smooth.* Highly refined in many aspects.* Smooth operation, smooth throttle, no jumpy power, and Buick plushness to the suspension and seat.* Like I said, what you would expect from a Honda.* And has one large similarity to its sportbike cousins.* Lacks the soul that I get from my big dog.*

That is my LONG former sportbike rider POV on cruisers.* Don't knock it till you open your mind and actually put in some truthfull miles on them.

12-07-2008, 06:25 AM
That link is dead.

Gas Man
12-07-2008, 11:12 AM
sorry... and can't find it online anymore either... damn it was good too.

12-16-2008, 03:41 PM
your post reminds me of myself except you got a chop and i got a wing. when i had my 1100 katana and the 750/9 on the road normal cruiseing speed was 85mph on the xway, that was going slow! most days my speedo was showing 135 on the xway and 45 to 55 on city streets. riding with a group of friends out on the xway 120 to 160. having a wing let me know that riding a bike was still fun at slower speeds or maybe i just like to ride

12-17-2008, 06:49 PM
Nice write up!