View Full Version : New FLH chin fairing with a BONUS

Gas Man
11-01-2011, 07:57 PM
The bonus being an engine oil cooler. YEA!!

http://www.dougz.com/uploads/photo/large/6194Website_blog_template.jpg (http://www.dougz.com/candids.php?sgid=159) Recently DOUGZ designed a unique chin fairing for 2009 and newer FL models equipped with the stock oil cooler, but make no mistake, this isn’t just a handsome little dress-up item. This fairing is aerodynamically designed to provide a laminar air flow to the oil cooler. The outboard ducts grab cooling air and forces it through the oil cooler rather than leaving the oil cooler ‘searching’ for cool air behind the front tire, while the mesh screens help keep road debris out of the oil cooler.

Another major consideration - with this chin fairing you can keep your stock front fender! You read that right boys and girls, DOUGZ R&D Dept. (that’d be me - Doug) spent many hours making sure this chin would not interfere with a stock fender, and to make this an easy bolt-on item – saving you time and hard-earned money.

The fairing ships directly from DOUGZ to you, ready for paint, and we even supply you with the mounting hardware and mesh screens. Retail price is $379.00 plus shipping. Place your orders NOW to avoid the Christmas rush for this excellent ‘Stocking Stuffer’! Just send us an email expressing your interest, or give us a shout at 608-783-3684 - we'll put our little elv's right to work on your order!

$379 is a bit much considering it doesn't include the oil cooler.

11-02-2011, 01:12 AM
I like it but yikes on the price. But then again I think the ones for the shadow are up there too and the ones for the shadow are only*ascetic*pieces.