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Gas Man
10-07-2011, 11:05 PM
The rules for picture entry*

MC Related**
No nudity
Current pic from said month. EXIF data that is included with digital camera photos MUST be included with the submitted picture for the purpose of verifying when the pic was taken. Most people won't have to do anything as this is the normal default. KEEP THE PICS CURRENT!!
Each pic can only be submitted once.
Submitted before the last week of the month in the correct submission thread (for next months POTM)
Only one entry per user, per month.
Pics must be taken by you or of you. (that means you're bike too, we may not want to see you anyway)

*Rules subject to change

**Whether it is with your bdm, hd, metric, a bike show, ect. Must be bike related. It could be a pic of Tele drinking on his scoot in the garage, or a sweet pic of Rugby's bike next to a cliff, or Mad Dog's Road King doin a burn out. Maybe its a pic of your bike comin off the transporting truck or a pic of your bike stripped down for some reason. Or just go over and kick over your buds bike into a snow bank and give a thumbs up for the camera.

The Process:

The last week of the month, 2WM will be create a "Voting thread" with all the submissions in it and a poll voting for that pictures user.

That months submission thread will be closed.

On the first of the month, the winner is chosen by votes, their picture is put on the homepage with a link back to the "Months Winner Thread" and the next months submission thread is opened.

Then it just continues to cycle thru each month....

Its a cool way to get out some cool pictures from some great rides.

You submit the picture, then you vote. All votes are private.