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08-07-2011, 01:09 AM
Well was able to manage 3 days off work to go a on a trip and I have to say it was one of the best things I have ever done in my life.

I woke up early thursday morning and hopped into my truck and drove out to my grandpa's house in Ann Arbor. From there we heading over to Motor City Harley in his car to start the trip we've been planing since my aunt moved to Traverse City from Tennessee about 6 months ago.

The plan is to pick up a couple bikes from the dealer and head north to my aunt's and be back saturday afternoon. So Since my bike is out of commission until the arrival of my clutch cable I decided to rent a bike like my grandpa does. My steed for this trip will be a merlot colored 2011 street glide 103" with about 4000 miles already on the clock. My grandpa is on a 2010 electra glide classic with about the same mileage. So we pick up the bikes and load our luggage in and I was surprised I was able to get my stuff into the saddle bags with out having to strap anything to the sissy but so my ROK straps I brought with me weren't needed after all.

We headed on down Grand River from the dealer a few miles to get the feel of the bikes before we hopped onto 96. I was surprised never riding large touring bikes for an extended period of time how easy I was able to get used to the glide. The bike was also a lot more nimble than I had expected it to be cornering very easy and the bike felt light in the corners allowing me to get some considerable lean and take them at speed. I really fell in love when I turned on the radio and cranked my cd up and was able to have tunes that I could hear very clearly even with out a tall shield and going 80. It was nice to not have ear buds in while riding to have some music. so we headed down 96 and before I new it my grandpa was motioning to me that he was hungry and wanted to eat. I hadn't paid any attention to the clock until this point and noticed we had been riding for a good two hours at this point and were coming into the grand rapids area. So we stopped for lunch and it was this point I was over the initial excitement of the trip and remembered I had a camera with me and started to snap some pictures....

So heres the street glide in the Mcdonald's parking lot the weather was still a little cloudy but very nice in temperature.

Here's my grandpa's bike for the trip which he loved as well

after lunch we finished up the trip down 96 and veered onto 31 to finally start heading north. Instead of taking 31 straight up we decided to veer a little further west onto 22 because on the map it looked closer to Lake Michigan and boy was it an awesome ride. Our next stop after lunch brought us to Arcadia Bluffs a golf course off 22 that was spectacular. My grandpa said it has been voted the most beautiful course in michigan and in the top 5 in the country. one round of 18 holes is 268 dollars haha. It has 7 holes that overlook the lake and I was completely happy with stopping and staring.


the club house which is also a hotel



After our stop at the golf course we kept heading north til we spotted a scenic over look that we both obviously felt the need to stop and look at because we both hit the turn signals at the same time with out communication. The pictures don't do this view justice.


The road leading up to the lookout



08-07-2011, 01:10 AM
One lone jet skier out on the lake the only person out there as far as the eye can see


From here it was the home stretch to my aunts house which is on the old mission peninsula. It's located just north of TC and is the tiny penn just east of Leelanau. The whole place is filled with vineyards and cherry tree orchards with with great views of traverse bay on either side.

The next day was the day we were to head up to the UP through the tunnel of trees which is the part I was the most excited about after hearing so much about it.

So we headed out having to put on sun screen so we didn't fry in the heat but while we were at speed the temperature was perfect and I couldn't create a better day if I was asked what the perfect weather would be. Its was this day, Friday, that I was truely able to appreciate the merlot paint job on the glide and all the flake that was in the paint. The bike almost looks black in the shade or at night but in the sun it pops with the dark red color and flake sparkling in the light.

During the day we stopped at nice resort at bay harbor hoping to get some shots of the lake but no such luck so I took the break to snap a few pics any way.


appreciating the bike some more

grandpa trying to figure out how to send a txt message

Now after we were back on the road I decide to get a little more ballsy and take pictures while riding so I could be a sweet as Gasman.



A couple from Louisiana on an ultra with a trailer. I don't think I've ever seen a bike more loaded up.


Grandpa checking the map to make sure were going the right way

Finally found it "narrow winding road - 20 miles" that is my favorite sign of all time.

Some pics going through the tunnel of trees





Heres a short vid of the beginning of the tunnel don't mind the music or wind noise didn't even know there was a mic on the camera since its just a plain digital camera.


08-07-2011, 01:11 AM
So after the tunnel you guys know we had to stop at Legs Inn to try the food after everthing I've heard about it. The food was awesome and so was the view from out seat on the patio looking at the lake. We even had a sexy/sassy chick from poland serving our food.





view from my seat on the patio

08-07-2011, 01:13 AM
Then after lunch we headed up towards the Mackinac bridge and into the UP. This trip was awesome too. took a few shots from the bike again along the way. when we got to the bridge we couldn't have asked for anything better not traffic and no wind able to do 45 mph all the way across.




I can see the bridge coming into view :)





After we got across we didn't go far because we had to head back and grab dinner at my aunts and she had some stuff planned for at night. So we stopped at castle rock and paid our dollar to climb to the top. these had to of been the steepest steps in the world and sure tired us out. I would have liked to have rode all the way to newberry and the taquanamon falls but time didn't allow so at least now I have to go back to make it there haha.

castle rock

view from the top you can see mighty mac in the back

Paul and old blue at the bottom of the rock

heading back across the bridge we took the cement lane both time

A stop on the way back to take a leak allowing for more photo ops



After we got back that night we decided to explore traverse city and the old mission penn.

First stop was Chateau Chantal winery just a couple miles up the road from my aunts. Everything was beautiful the wine the women and the views.





08-07-2011, 01:15 AM
After we stopped drinking so we didn't get too buzzed we headed for downtown traverse city to check out the "Friday Night Live" that they have every friday in july and august. Live bands, food, craft sales, and agiain lots of good looking wimins. A lot like a street fair around here but they have it every week.

spotted this awesome boat tucked away on a side street


This guy was on a balancing board and juggling 3 knives.

Heres a pic of my aunts house the next day, saturday, just before we left.

Loaded up and ready to roll on home

But first before we left we had to check out the old light house and the end of the penn. It is on the 45th parallel which puts you directly between the north pole and equator.



the light house was there to warn of the rocky shore in 1870 but is now replaced by an off shore buoy. there was a couple who was working at the lighthouse for the week from toledo as a working vacation. they stayed at the light house for free in exchange for helping with chores around the place.

The ride back was just as enjoyable as any of the other days until be got to about the flint area until we got stuck in traffic and it started to downpour most of the way back. The rain suits that Harley provides with all the rentals definitely came in handy.

All in all it was a great trip and I can't wait to do it again. The trip also sold me on a street glide being my next bike so hopefully next spring I will be getting my hands on one to keep.

08-07-2011, 01:00 PM
I love it up around Mackinaw. Nice pics!

What dod they charge to rent a HD from there?

Gas Man
08-07-2011, 02:08 PM

Great choices for bikes! I love that merlot color. Glad to hear you liked the SG. They really are amazing bikes. The radio option is awesome, and you get super use to it. I must say I throughly enjoy seeing people "get it" the way I do about these bikes. They are awesome!

Where's the pics. You get use to taking them while rolling. But what's your excuse for not taking a pic of the sexy/sassy polish girl??

Howcome you didn't ride the grates? The new HD frames and wider tires handle it really well.

Again, great thread. We really needed that around here!

I didn't know they gave you rain suits. That's cool. The ones that pack into themselves? That's what I have.

08-07-2011, 02:58 PM
Thanks it was a great trip. The polish chick wouldn't let me I asked lol. ya the rain suits are the ones that fold into each other using the hood as the pouch. As for the greats I let my grandpa lead most of the time since he only rides 2 maybe 3 days a year so I let him set a pace and thats just the lane he chose. It's very cool to think that this was only his 7th time on a motorcycle not counting the class.

08-07-2011, 04:34 PM
Sweet trip. Awesome you get to ride with grandpa. Thanks for taking lots of pics. I hate it when even when I bring the camera I don't take enough.
Street Glide intrigues me. I am afraid to even test ride one. I know I would have to have it.

08-08-2011, 01:30 AM
Thanks for sharing that, been up that way more than once and will go back any time I can. Thanks again.

08-10-2011, 04:01 AM
Looks like a great trip. you rode right past my place twice. I live between Petoskey and the bridge. I worked at the Inn at Bay Harbor when it opened. That building is so cool inside. I love when people come up here as tourists and post pics. I see this stuff all the time and don't even pay attention to it. It's a reminder to me how amazing the area I live in actually is. When I go through the tunnel of trees I always go when I know there is no traffic and I ride it for the road, missing the scenery completely. I enjoyed your pics.