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08-06-2011, 11:33 PM
So I know I haven't been posting much just been busy finishing up my paramedic class and working a lot but I'm back and this is the first of a couple threads in a row. So during my busy schedule I managed to sneak in a day of riding. I can't wait to take my final exam the 25th so I can end this externship. Iv'e has to find a way to fit in 250 clinical hours on top of my 60 to 80 hour work weeks so a day of riding was welcome.

So my grandpa met me at my house around 11 or so and we headed on out for a nice trip to the WSL and we had an awesome day. Before we left though my grandpa being a fellow of more years than myself went in to drain his constantly full bladder I took the opportunity to steal his rental bike for a ride. Well honestly he told me to take it for a ride but the point is I was on a brand new bike and didn't care how I ended up on it. His rental this time from Motor City Harley is a brand new (2000 miles) 2011 Road King classic with the 103" motor. So I throw a leg over and head off down the street trying to get used to having my hands in a "normal" position after riding my shadow with apes for so long. Anyways the bike was super smooth with plenty of power however something just didn't feel right while I was riding it. Nothing was wrong with the bike mechanically by any means I'm just refering to the way it felt with me on it. This is too bad too because I like the Road King classic looks wise and had contemplated on making it my next bike. Maybe a ride longer than 10 minutes I might grow closer to it again but for now I'm planning on a street glide for next spring.

So back to the Ride. We had an awesome day with perfect weather and no traffic. This is the benefit of riding on a thursday as opposed to the weekend. The day including a stop at my uncles house to see his garage smashed to bits by the neighbors giant oak tree that fell on it during a storm. We also had a great lunch at zuckey lake. I can always count on my Grandpa for having a nice spot planned out for lunch. We finished off our day with a ride through hell then we split off and heading our separate ways towards home.

So we all know life can't be perfect because it just wouldn't be fair to those starving kids in Africa our mom's used to tell us about. A good day always has to have at least one thing go wrong because then I would be dreaming. But when I discovered my clutch cable broken I knew I wasn't dreaming for a couple of reasons, 1 my bike just f-ing stopped moving, 2 Im still in the downriver are which always sucks and 3 its hotter than shit and im sitting in a parking lot with the sun beating down on me til my dad gets there and hour later with his work van to load my bike up and take it home. So my clutch cable broke as I was taking off from a light on southfield road in lincoln park. It broke right at the part where it slides into the notch on the clutch lever. So not only did the damn thing break its now been 3 weeks and my cable still hasn't came in yet. I had to order it from a guy I've used before online because they have to cut them to fit my apes but still it shouldn't be taken this long I will be calling tomorrow to find out whats taking so long and give you guys an update.

and for those of who who dont read a lot here's a summary with a picture...

Went ride with grandpa clutch cable broke on way home it take long time cable to come here picture..(said in grunting cave man voice)


08-07-2011, 12:43 AM
That's a real bite. Hate when something like that happens...recently for me, late at night I dropped a drivebelt out near North Ave. and 26 Mile Road so I feel your pain.

08-07-2011, 01:40 AM
I keep a spare clutch cable handy, I consider it a normal part of owning something with a clutch cable ever since I had a cable-eating Mustang.

08-07-2011, 11:29 AM
Yep sucks being stranded on the road wish I had an extra, o well live and learn.

Gas Man
08-07-2011, 01:55 PM
Sounds like a good ride. You're 100% right, it can never be perfect. LOL Sucks.

I think you would like a RK better if it had some apes. They are a sweet bike. I prefer the non-classic version but respect the classic if done right... Alhall's comes to mind.

As far as the clutch cable... I know they usually take some time. But why didnt you call barnett?

08-09-2011, 10:35 PM
Well I got my cable on today it came in last night so that means I'll be able to ride to work tmr