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08-03-2011, 10:22 PM
Hey well i came here to share knowledge and keep an eye on used bikes for sale in my area outside of eBay and craigs list.Well first i can say i'm an avid motor enthusiast lol , i love all combustion engines and anything they can be bolted to.I have always been interested in motorcycles i just never put much effort into buying one mainly due to financial situations.Well a few years back a good friend of mine bought this 2 stroke motor kit that bolts onto a regular pedal bike.When he got his kit it arrived messed up and he was dealing with very poor customer service.Months went by and he was never able to use it so he ended up giving it to me.Long story short few hours works and about 50 bucks and i was ridding around on a little moped.

Now i am not trying to offend anyone and it may sound funny to some but the instant i popped the clutch and ran that little moped at 30mph and felt the wind on my face i was hooked it was all down hill from there.Granted i was 27 and never owned mini bikes or anything of the sort growing up.It has come to a point were due to various reasons i always have a hard time getting and keeping a job ( new topic all in its on i wont go there here ) Point being iv gotten a few tickets for riding with out insurance and when i can keep my car insured i cant keep gas in the tank to go anywhere.So between that and the new found love for 2 wheels all roads point to a bike.I have a 1978 chevy caprice with 80k miles on it in great shape minus a few dime to quarter sized good ol Michigan rust spots ( surface).I truly love this car i can be having a bad day and i just get in pump the gas pedal and turn the key and i am instantly happy.Outside of oil changes plugs wire brakes etc( gen maintenance ) at this point in my life i just cant treat her the way i want to or keep her on the road legally

So upon lots of thinking i have decided it's time to trade one love in for another , i believe a motorcycle will bring me the same joy.I was very hesitant to sell my car as because i have next to zero income atm holding onto a few thousand dollars may not be so easy.Anways moving ahead i found a decent honda shadow for 300 but i couldnt find anyone to loan me the three hundred keep the bike while i put my car up for sale then i was gonna pay them back 400.This idea was kind of rushed tho and i have decided the car is going up for sale and i am going to put all my efforts into buying myself a bike.finaly with most of my rambeling out of the way i can get onto the good stuff.

I have decided i will go with a cruiser as i plan on taking long rides up to the cabin in oscoda during the fall and summer , and i just like the idea of a cruiser over a rocket.I love speed but i also like going against teh grain sometimes and well everyone around me tells me to go with a rocket over a cruiser.I would really be happy with either but i am aiming for a cruiser.Now i plan on asking 3500 obo for my car and plan getting 25-2700 when its all said and done.Now under very best scenarios and a bike i have fallen in love with.I think if i look hard enough after i have the cash in my hands i could find a 78 iron head ( sportster or roadster i have seen the bike i love called both these not sure what is correct) this is the bike i want but we all know you cant always get what you want.So i am here to ask you gusy what a god cruiser/roadbike for 3000 or less may be.I am open to all opinions this will be my first bike , and i do plan on getting my endorsement right away cuz thats just how i roll plus i like having endorsements on my license.

08-03-2011, 11:23 PM
Yaknow, after the day I had, this is just the thread I needed. I love this forum, it's small but whacky membership is charming, and YOU, fish killer, will fit right in.
Please feel free to dazzle us with more of your ramblings and other tales of ineptitude.

08-03-2011, 11:35 PM
yeah what he said !! welcome and i'm fond of hondas but most any major brand bike is good

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Welcome to the forums!

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In response to you query, Aprilia makes great cruisers.

08-05-2011, 03:47 AM
ROTFLMAO Bill, you're killing me.
Walleye Slayer, buy a Honda shadow 750 year 2000ish and ride the piss out of it. These things are bullet proof and will take you across the country.

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atleast someone has a sense of humor.

08-05-2011, 08:57 AM
Walleye, just a word of advice. If that car is your only mode of transportation, selling it to buy a bike would be a very bad idea. It's hot right now but ice and snow is just around the corner. We all want things we can't have. Find a job and get shit in order, then look for a bike.

08-06-2011, 12:26 AM
Welcome to the forum, where abouts are you? Also, got a cabin just above Hale which is a great ride down River Road or even Bissonette, following the AuSable, right into Oscoda. See you on the road...........