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05-02-2011, 10:21 AM
I did a plate shoot yesterday, lots of fun, 6-6" plates @ 50', timed fire. Plates are 3/8" thick steel on a hinge.

I went up 5 times, hit almost everything I shot at. At first I did hit everything, but learned quickly that when shooting a .22 you have to hit them well above the halfway point to knock them down. Since it's a timed event you can't really stand there and aim. I started pointing high and shot over the target a few times in my later rounds.

Hitting the target without a knock down doesn't score. In the first round I hit all 6 and knocked down 4 in 8 seconds. Second round I hit 6 and knocked down 5 in 7.5 seconds. Third round I started getting pissed and trying to aim, had one miss, knocked down 3 in 8.5 seconds. 4th round I hit 6 and knocked down 5 in 8 seconds. Last round I took a chance and started aiming way high and went over the target, hit 5, knocked down 3 in 8.5 seconds.

Most of the guys out there were missing as much as hitting, the average was 3-4 knock downs. Those that hit them all were in the 8-10 second range except for one guy who came up and knocked down all 6 in about 1.5 seconds, amazing, then he shot like crap for the rest of the event. Guys that were rushing to get a low time did a lot of missing.

It's not a competition, just a fun event. It costs $5 to shoot 5 rounds. You really end up shooting against yourself, trying to better your score in less time. If anyone wants to go, let me know, they hold them once a month. You can shoot any handgun and any caliber, but you cannot shoot full magnum loads, so if you're shooting a .357 or .44 you'll need to shoot Specials or downloaded magnums. If you bring a pistol you can load and fire seven rounds, if you bring a revolver you're limited to the six rounds it'll hold.

I'm going to take my .357 next time with some .38's, no more .22's. It's fun to hit them, but it's more fun to knock them over!

Mad Dog
05-02-2011, 11:27 AM
Sounds like fun and some good shooting there.
Friend has a dueling tree and yes the bigger rounds flip the plates much better.

05-02-2011, 06:41 PM
I'm getting a dueling tree for my backyard now that I have a good sand hill as a backdrop, they are a blast.

05-02-2011, 07:24 PM
Well, neighbor....:D

In other news the shop called, my Walther PPK/s has finally returned from S&W.