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04-11-2011, 08:57 AM
My 1929 Ex-Dragoon on the left, my son's 1933 91/30 on the right:


A shot of the Ex-Dragoon barrel stamping. The top mark is the Soviet hammer and sickle in a wreath. Next is 1929r, the year it was made. 'r' stands for 'god' in Russian, like 'year of our lord'. Below that is the original serial number, no longer valid. The armory stamps new serials on them when imported. Then there's a small refurb stamp, a box with a diagonal line through it. That indicates it was refurbed in the Ukrane, most likely after the war. Last is the arrow in the triangle, the manufacturer's mark for the Izhevsk arsenal.


There are a lot of marks you can't see. A barrel proof, provisional black powder proof, accuracy proof and so on. There are so many marks and cartouches on these things it's hard to tell what they all mean, even the experts don't know, although they have identified most.