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01-26-2011, 02:19 PM
He turned 93 today and is doing well. He's had an interesting life.

Born in 1918, he grew up in Kentucky and moved to Michigan in his early 20's. No idea why, he never worked at an auto plant.

He was a member of the Kentucky National Guard and was assigned to a calvary unit. Yes, real horses, not like today's units that are designated calvary. He said they had to ride a horse down a trail at a gallop and shoot at targets on both sides of the trail with a Colt 1911. He said he never could figure out why no one ever accidently shot the horse in the head. His specialty was in communications (morse code) and firearms.

He met my mom here in Michigan. With WWII breaking out he ended up in the Army. Due to his background in communications he was assigned to the signal corps, where he earned the rank of Staff Seargant. He was also classified as an expert in firearms and taught weapons. The M1 Garrand and M1 Carbine, Springfield '03-A3, Colt 1911, Thompson Submachine Gun, Grease Gun, and .30 and .50 cal machine guns. At one time he could field strip and reassemble all of these in the dark.

At some point during all this people from Airborne came around and asked for volunteers. He joined and after training was assigned to the 503 Regimental Combat Unit. He spent the rest of the war jumping out of airplanes in the Phillipines and eventually Japan. I asked him once why he did that, since he had a cush job. Was it something that just seemed like a good idea at the time? He said: "It WAS a good idea, the group I left ended up in Europe fighting at the Ardennes all winter!" A lot of people know this area and period as the Battle of the Bulge.

Out of the service he went to school for electrical and refrigeration, going to work at a local repair place. Eventually he started his own Company, "Belleville Appliance Service", but when an opportunity came to go to work for United Airlines he took it, worked there for a million years and retired. Because of his job with United, we spent a good bit of time flying around the world when I was a kid.

So, thanks Dad, for your service. Thanks for giving me a great life, and thanks for everything else. I love you!

And, thank the Lord he's still with us.

Gas Man
01-26-2011, 10:43 PM
That's awesome. I'm very happy for you. I miss my dad so very much. he died at 59, 2 years ago this March.