View Full Version : A neighborhood fire...please help if you can

Gas Man
01-03-2011, 12:27 AM
This is near my house and is an absolutly horrible for this family. I don't know them, other than saying hi or waving as we pass. But I can't sit here and do nothing.

I'm trying to find this on the news channels. WDIV and WXYZ were both there in the aftermath. I was the 2nd story on WDIV at 6pm but I can't find it on their websites.

I'm not posting this on all my forums just this one and one more. I know bikers to have the biggest hearts of anybody so I thought maybe I could appeal to your hearts and help me and my neighbors help this family. They have lost everything!

Yesterday on January 2nd, 2011, the Kral family's New Year came to an abrupt halt. Within a matter of minutes in the early morning everything they've ever had, including Christmas gifts and all their personal belongings burned in a terrible house fire. Mike, the father, suffered severe burns to his body helping his family out of the flames.

Most people have insurance, but everybody knows how slow they work. In times like this families, friends, and neighbors need to do what we can to help, while the insurance processes are in the works.

Together we can help one of our own in the first steps to getting back on their feet. We want to make this a timely gift so please contact me directly and promptly via phone call or text to donate.

For my online bikers, please just PM or email me through the forum. I thank you for your time and consideration.