View Full Version : homemade lift?

11-28-2010, 06:50 PM
anybody have any tricks to lift just the front end of the bike. I ordered some fork gaitors and am going to want to put them on but dont have a lift or a front stand. let me know guys I would buy the left but this time of year money is tight.

11-28-2010, 07:16 PM
Did you see what I made for my FZ1? You can also come on by and use my bike jack if you want. I used it all of the time on the Vulcan.

Gas Man
11-28-2010, 10:18 PM
Hey man I got a sears jack and a scissor jack, both would do the trick.

Or you could do this

or if you're real interested

11-29-2010, 12:11 AM
the first one will probably work for what i need to do. thx guys