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Gas Man
10-10-2010, 02:15 AM
Misaligned wheels can cause skewed braking, oversteer or understeer, drifting or pulling in one direction, and steering head shake. There are many wheels/tires alignment methods, from cords to straight edges to lasers and everything between. This one promises to be faster and more accurate.
ProAligner (http://www.proaligner.com/index1a.html) was created by a former Moto GP racer, tested by his fellow racers. It is as simple to use by a motorcycle owner as it is by a professional shop owner. ProAligner comes in a protective sleeve to keep it clean and safe in your tool box with detailed instructions printed on the back of the storage sleeve, so they never get lost. Only $29.95 + shipping. For an explanation of how it works go to ProAligner (http://www.proaligner.com/index1a.html)(you can download the instructions before you buy)

Not a bad idea. I don't need it with my self adjusting ultra rear axle but it might be good for the sporty and other bikes thru my garage.

What do you guys think?