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05-19-2010, 10:09 AM
Lets see how this goes.. (some of these pictures have been posted before, my apologies)
A few years ago I got this little gem from my dad, which brought me back to riding after taking some time off due to marriage, its associated taming and domestication.
An overweight pig with bags, highway pegs, bags, windshield, etc. Sure, it'd be convenient to carry more than my registration but the Sporty's always been HD's sport bike. Broke my heart to see it lumber around like a Juan's coffee toting burro.
Here's the Sporty and my dad at Bishop's Performance just before Sturgis '08. The stator died 3 days before he was set to leave (that's called foreshadowing). ...and yes, he rode that Sporty all the way to Sturgis rocking a Lepera solo seat.
Dad had a good start on things with Progressive's front and back and a SE air cleaner kit. Unfortunately the tune was crazy lean and the pipes were stockers with drilled out baffles. Since my dad bought it in '06 I'd been coveting a set of XR-style pipes like the Supertrapps.
The riding position sucked as well, dad's 5'7" 280 and I'm 5'11" 190. Everything that made the bike comfortable for him made me feel like I was riding a minibike. In addition I wanted to move the center of gravity forward for more aggressive riding with rear sets and drags or clip ons. After mocking up broomsticks and clip on's for position I found a set of Biltwell Low Drags on another forum, perfect!
I was a good boy this year and Santa brought me a set of rearsets for Christmas although they took a couple of months to get here (that's foreshadowing again). I must have been real good because wifey bought me a lift too! I love it when family works together.

-to be continued-

05-19-2010, 04:40 PM
First step was to mount up the pipes and see if they'd fit. Because the motor's rubber mounted you'll break a mount or a pipe if you hard mount the end to the frame. On the stock XL pipes the mount doubles as a crossover and is cantilevered off of the motor. It's a very slick set up, except that it weight 10 lbs all by itself.
On the Supertrapps you basically mount an attachment point behind the pulley cover. Another attachment on top of the cover and then an 18' rear mount is cantilevered off of them. Mounting up the pipes is pretty straight forward but you begin running out of room as those pipes are big! And I began wondering, "how hot are those going to get? They're pretty thin"...
Here is where the running out of room part begins. To mount the rear sets the master cylinder get relocated from underneath the swing arm where it's driven by a 90deg lever, to just forward of the foot peg. The reservoir for said cylinder moves from the left side of the bike to a mount at the top of the rear set, below the pipe mount, inside of the pipes and outside of the belt.
This claustrophobic photos illustrated it nicely. The swing arm is on the left, pipe upper right and the mount for the reservoir is the top stainless bolt that's directly under the exhaust mount.
But wait! There's a bigger problem. The rear sets for bikes with "Supertrapp XR pipes" locate the top of the MC and the reservoir hose 1/4 inside of the pipe!

05-19-2010, 05:14 PM
The only solution was to either find someone that could weld tabs to the bottom that could be drilled and tapped for a lower position or call the vendor and ask for a new plate. I opted for the latter since they were designed for my setup. That was March....
I moved onto the bars which looked really cool.
Except that the pudgy stock controls hit the tank. Man that sucks! I guess everyone except me has dumped the stock controls and switches like the Hipsters at Biltwell. Well no, they had only run them on a Custom which has a lower tank. Their customers sent in the website photos, not mentioning that they don't get much travel on 'em. They were cool about it, and even offered a refund in spite of me buying them off of a forum classified! I ended up using a 1" riser extension from J&P that doesn't look too bad. (it did look cooler lower...:()
Because there is no bar clamp on my bars I needed a way to mount the tach and speedo. One popular option is to use a 3" gauge mount from Autozone to mount them to the downtubes (below and to the side of the tank). Not wanting to look like a bobble head when scanning the gauges I opted to mount them up on the headlight eyebrow. I used leftover 2" plastic spacers and some looooong screws but it worked (another option is to used a couple of 7/16ths long reach chrome sockets, but Home Depot was out).
Hand controls completed I went back to the brakes while I waited for my new foot mount. The brake line from the MC was now far too short and might as well be replaced with stainless. After assembling this Erector set of SS lines, 12mm banjo fittings, flare fitting, manifold, pressure switch (got to have brake lights), banjo bolts and crush washers I sat down with a fresh bottle of DOT 5 to begin bleeding them out. 1st step, top off the reservoir with fresh fluid and tap the line to release any bubbles. 2nd step, remove you caliper, insert a piece of wood (in place of the rotor) and raise it above the MC to aid in removing all air. Step 3, spend 3 fucking days with a Miti-Vac, syringes, bottles, hoses and fluid to realize that now matter what you do the god damned air isn't going to purge and DOT 5 is expensive by the case!
Turns out that the MC Harley uses doesn't like to be touched. Go ahead google it. Every single thread regarding bleeding an EVO Sporty's rear brakes begins with my description and ends with "buy a kit and rebuild the cylinder". 36 bucks and 18 days later it took 10 min. to bleed down the caliper.....:confused:

05-19-2010, 05:49 PM
Brakes functional, I'm starting to get excited. I'm starting it up, jetting the carb, adjusting this and that, changing plugs, etc. The weather finally warms up. Sportster Paul has 6000 miles on his bike already. My wife starts bugging be about working on her car... Phone rings "Hey Chris it's your dad, Howard and I were going to shoot up to Stingers.." Rings again, "Hey Chris it's Paul, it's a nice day out and I want to ride somewhere, wanna meet up?". Can't, no parts yet.:mad:
What follows is a reoccurring event: Sunday, email the vendor; "Hey it's Chris with the '06 XL1200R, any updates on my part?". No answer. maybe it'll be there when I back in town on Friday. It isn't.
"I need an update or I'm going to get someone to weld it up for me". Response; "Hey Chris, I'm cutting it/working on it/finishing it/powder coating it this weekend".
Finally, 2 months later, on May 11th it arrived.... at my dad's house. Phone rings; "you back in town?" Me, "No I'm in BF Iowa". Dad, "when you going to be back?" Me, "Wednesday night". Dad, "I've got your part, I'll drop it by Thursday morning".
Phone rings again "You get your part yet?". "Yeah, but I'm in BF Iowa". Paul, "we're riding around the Thumb Sat". Me, "I'm going to thrash all night Thursday and Friday if necessary to button it up".
Only took Thursday...

05-19-2010, 06:00 PM
nice job chris it turned out good so how has she been riding?

05-19-2010, 07:09 PM
Thursday night I only had time for a quick shake down ride to see if anything was going to fall off. "Did I put Loc-tite or anti-sieze on that bolt?"
Here's a tip just for you: If you're going for a shake down run, make your destination somewhere with tools. In kind, I shot out 36 miles to Mick's place. Gratiot, I-94, M-19 and gravel road represented a good mix for making parts fall off or popping warning codes. None of which happened.
Friday sucked, cold and raining.
Saturday I had to duck out on the Thumb ride due to a previous commitment regarding my mom, wife and sister in law (like tic-tac-toe, there are no winners). Drinking beers downtown after flower shopping we were tormented by the bikes shooting up Woodward to parts North. By noon dad and I couldn't stand it any longer (that's right, I said by noon!). We needed the wind in our gypsy faces! A plan was developed; drop my wife and I at home in the 'Clem, grab the bike, meet up in Southfield and go somewhere with beer.
We shot out to South Lyon and picked up Howard (who has a badass 'Glide with a Baker 6-speed).
From South Lyon we meandered our way to Corner Brewery in Ypsilanti via N. Teritorial and Spencer. The Sporty ran like a top! The forward seating position and high pipes begs you to roll it over in the twisties. Howard tried to push me a bit in the corners and for the first time I realized that there isn't a whole lot to drag on his bagger either!
If you've never been to the Corner, It's a cool brewery in an old administration building (think elementary school). They have a beer garden out back with picinic tables, lawn games and a deck with couches and stuffed chairs.
We were an instant hit with the local hippies playing the washer game.
Hippy, "Have you ever been to Darkhorse in Marshall?" Me, "Once or twice". Hippy, "They're really biker friendly over there". "You sayin' they're not here?":D A group of AA teachers were particularly enamored with Dad's choice of footware (Merril Jungle Slides) and our thoughts on the Brewery. One particularly hirsute young teacher wanted to set me up with her Harley riding boyfriend who was organizing a company ride. "You see it works like this; they're an investment firm and they're sponsoring a poker run themselves...... all you need to do is sit through a short".... C-YA
On the road again to Stinger's for dinner! I don't know if anyone else has noticed this but the food at Stinger's is sometimes really f-ing good! Don't tell anyone (I don't want to ruin the ambiance) but the au jus for the French Dip was seasoned with garlic and Rosemary and was awesome!
Phone rings: wifey, "Alyshia and I are up at Eastside and everyone keeps buying us drinks and the guitar player, Hammer just fell off the picinic table and" (she's the queen of conjunctions). "I'll be there in 45 minutes". It feels good to hot shot East on 696, leaning forward across the tank, scaring soccer moms. Man, the bike sounds great, particularly under the overpasses. :D
Eastside Tavern is in my hometown of Mount Clemens. It's been a bar, in the basement of a house, since 1905. They were a legitimate speakeasy during prohibition and have the Detroit Newspapre article on the wall to prove it (when they were busted). Mark "The Bird" Fidrych used to hang out there. Until April 30th it was the smokiest bar I've ever been into and the ceiling is just 6 feet high.
454 453 452

05-19-2010, 09:20 PM
Nice write up, and sharp Sporty!

...and yes, the food at Stingers is fantastic. Thursday nights are bike nights and they have a $1 menu. I highly, highly, HIGHLY reccomend the $1 Sliders. Forget White Castle sized burgers, these are almost the size of a McDonalds hamburger...but WAAAAAY better than both. Can't wait until tomorrow! Just thinking about it is getting me hungry! Don't worry about the "ambiance", that's why I love the place. It's basically a little hole in the wall dive, without being too dive-y. The prices are reasonable, the food is excellent, and well...the Stingers girls aren't bad to look at either, or BS with for that matter. Less fake than your average Hooters girl with personalities that don't make you want to take a Dremel tool to your own head.

05-19-2010, 09:25 PM
Nice writeup man!

05-21-2010, 05:01 PM
8:00AM Sunday came way too early! It was one of those mornings where you're just going though the motions. Take off clothes, get into shower, turn on water, dropped the soap, head hurts worse when I lean forward....
Vocemail: "Hey it's your dad, you left your card at Stingers. Howard and I are going to see how many hookers take plastic".
I took off via 696 to Southfield and realize that it's quite a bit cooler than it was last night (or I'm a bit soberer). From Southfield we shoot out to South Lyon to meet up with Howard and his wife Katina, who rides an '08 XL Custom. It's a crisp morning like this that lets you appreciate a hot cup of gas station coffee.
At the gas station we meet up with Craig and his wife on an Ultra and got started, our destination: Dark Horse brewery in Marshall. I'll be perfectly honest here, I hate riding in groups. I sort of zone out in the back and between the cold wind and the hangover I'm just not that into it. On the upside the ride was all 2-lane through Chelsea, Jackson, Albion and other cool little towns but I'm cold and bored. I'm pretty satisfied that nothing's fallen off yet but I know that I've got to do something about the mid-range leaness that makes it feel choppy around 3000. Every once in a while I'd get peeled off at a light and get to play Mighty Morphin Power Ranger zooming back up to the group, so that was cool.
Now Darkhorse is one of my favorite places on earth. Tucked behind a party store, on the wrong side of the railroad tracks, it looks as if Ma & Pa Kettle opened a bar. On my first visit many years ago, Michelle simultaneously made my pizza, filled a growler and a customers pint while smoking a cigarette never dropped ash into any of them.
We hung out for a bit, had some pizza for lunch and enjoyed thawing our digits in the sun.
The ride back was relatively uneventfull although we missed a beer stop in Chelsea. Hell we missed Chelsea all together! Crusing along thinking to myself, "self, this is pretty good, no lights, no bouncing parts off of the pavement." "Whoah! What the F**K?" Engine and battery lights! I fly up to dad and give him a thumbs down pointing at my guages. It takes a minute to catch up to Howard thanks to Tail End Charlie (dad) and I take the lead looking for a parking lot. Nope, we're not going to a parking lot, we're going to quit right here and coast onto a dirt road...
As soon as we climb off Howard and Dad are on it, "the stator again?" Little juice, low lights, fuses good, connections good, must be. Howard just happens to carry a 20 jumper cable with Battery Tender ends. We pull my headlight fuse and plug into the 'Glide. After about 10 minutes the lights are better but trying to start it blows the fuse. Howard shoots up to Gregory and returns with a fuse.... and a 12-pack. So we plug back in and drink beer for another 15-min. Not wanting to waste precious electrons on starting we decide to bump-it, on a gravel road, ain't happening. Back on concrete we bump it in 2nd and I'm off. Craigs GPS shows 31 miles to Howards house. I'm watching the odometer (which has reset to 0 thank to the power outage) click off like the timer on 24. 10 miles, still running. 15 miles, just about halfway. 20 miles, "I wonder what other lights that fuse powered?" 29.5 miles, "I'll push this bitch if I have too".
Nope, arrived safe and sound in Howards driveway. No lights, no guages, no starty, nada, zip, zilch.
Post Script - After a few beers the stator was tested and read open, no impedence. Howard pulled it and decided that it smelled so bad that it should be kept outside. It is our belief that because the electrical system is so lightly loaded on the Sporty that the regulator is shorting the stator in order to maintain correct amperage. My new stator with a lifetime warranty will be here Monday and I'm looking at Aircraft Spruce and Specialty for landing lights to replace the headlight. -or- maybe I can add some neon, a couple of running lights, stereo, GPS, etc., etc...... Lighthouse anyone?
*Update - The MoCo stator is a POS. The assumptions above are probably not the cause. The connection between the pigtail and stator is a crimp connection and the stator failed there. The Accell replacement is soldered, strain relieved with mastic and has a lifetime warranty.

05-22-2010, 12:54 AM
Chris; Wonderful even if it sucks breaking down. Your attitude will carry you through much, and may in turn enlighten some of us to overcome our own tests,( like losing rear wheel axle bearings on the Toll road coming in from Key West late at night and spending the night in the ditch), so lets get that puppy back together and tear up some tires! Oh, and its unanamous, we all love your wifes "THING".

05-22-2010, 09:28 AM
Oh, and its unanamous, we all love your wifes "THING".
Before it gets filthy, my wife's "Thing"

05-22-2010, 11:48 AM
I remember those. That one is really clean, is it original or restored?

Bike looks good.

05-23-2010, 01:20 AM
Chris: You just had to go and spoil this, I figured we get a ton of responces and was really looking forward to it, oh well. Is it Monday yet?

05-23-2010, 09:50 AM
I remember those. That one is really clean, is it original or restored? bike looks good.

It's original, and that picture doesn't show a lot. We drove out to Delaware to get it after a 2 month search. It's the primary reason why I didn't got more work done or riding last year.

Is it Monday yet?
No, it's Sunday and we're not riding the bikes up to Frankenmuth.:(