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04-15-2010, 01:17 AM
Tell me something that was great about a bike you rode, or owned or something. Not the type of thing that you can measure, or time, or will find in the add for it. Some specific feature that made it stand out. Was it super-comfy on the long haul? Was it the bike you learned to master that one tight twisty near your home? Was it stone cold reliable and cheap to operate? You know what made it great. Tell me.

For me, the one time I got to ride a Triumph Daytona Triple 675 sportbike I knew it was a great bike. Sure, it was fast, had all the right HP numbers and everything, but what made it great was the torque. It didn't matter if I had the perfect gear going into the turn, it made me look like a hero leaving it. It had a certain 'ride-ability'. Like I said, always made me look like a hero. That was what made it great. The way it would exit a turn and put a smile on my face.

04-15-2010, 08:32 AM
Yamaha 650. I had a 1980 Special II, the bike itself wasn't anything to write home about but the engine went on forever. They used the same engine in all their twin 650's around that period. It would take abuse after abuse and keep going, never failed me, never once broke down. All I ever did was change the oil and I didn't do that as much as I should've.

Gas Man
04-15-2010, 11:43 AM
Of my more recent bikes over the past 10years or so...

1995 Ninja EX500 - great bike, solid motor, it may have lacked in the suspension dept and limited tire selection but it was fun. Taught me many things and was my first sportbike. I think what made it great was the lack of crazy power. You could whip on it and ride it hard without accidently surpassing 100mph. Everybody likes to wrap the tach and it allowed you do that with a smilie on your face. However you didn't break every law in the states before exiting first gear.

2002 Ninja ZX-9R. Great power, big front fairing, slightly heavier than its comparing models of the time. The big fairing, weight, not as agressive clip ons, and not as agressive rider stance made it a really, more comfortable SS. I put about 20k on that bike and I believe I only had one problem with it that wasn't caused by me.

2006 BDM Chopper. Fast fast fast for a cruiser v-twin harley type bike. 117CI motor with 600 cam. Power! Enough chrome and shiny to blind you even with your welding shield on. Correct pipes and loud enough to make you legally deaf. Pure attention hog. Once called my "butt jewerly" by an infamous sportbike rider I knew. But its faults lived in 60's designs put in place by modern technology. The bike had soul. But soul is a PIA. I found myself wanting to get back to normal riding for the pure enjoyment of the ride and not how cool I look on this 9' chopper.

2007 HD 883L. Wife's bike but I rode it often. First year EFI sporty. It turned me away from my trusty carbs. This bike was pure. It was "turn key". It rebalanced me to enjoy riding not just the bike under me. It wasn't anything great but it was dependable.

2009 HD Ultra Classic. Love love love this bike. I sometimes ask why I didn't just start here in the first place. Comfort only second to a Wing. Ample power and speed delivery. Cruise control, abs brakes, brembo brakes, easily modified (usually).... its a car on 2. I love it! Its had a few problems but that is probably expected when it has so much technology and advancement spun into it. I surely don't worry about it getting me around. It also introduced me into road trips on the bike. 8-10hrs on this thing... no problem.

2009 HD Nightster. EFI, black not chrome, spokes... solid cool, super suprisingly fast. It does it all in this around the town bike. It looks cool, it sounds good once the slip ons were mounted, and its "turn key" reliable. The more I ride and mod it, the more I love it for its peg scraping pure fun.

04-15-2010, 12:25 PM
I would say I have had great luck with every bike I have owned.. My latest ride - 2000 Yamaha R6 has been fantastic.. I have flogged it relentlessly, beat it down and it just keeps asking for more.. I hardly ever have to work on it.. I have done probably 20 track days in conditions from 18 degrees to 105 degrees.. That's my definition of a great bike is low to no maintenance - it's one thing to do mods because you want to its another to be fixing the bike all the time instead of riding it or polishing mountains of chrome because the humidity is over 1%.. Not bashing the chrome because it looks fuggin sweet its just not for me because I don't want to have to clean it all the time.. I'd rather have function over aesthetics on my bike if you kwim..