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Gas Man
01-01-2010, 02:12 PM
With the addition of BadAssBikeSeats or anybody else with a couple $$ in their seat. Consider "teathering" it to your bike.

Here's how I did it on my chopper. Reason being, nice seat work and only thing prior to this holding it to the bike was 2 suction cups. Or if you're just straight paranoid and/or don't trust people.

Said awesome seat by Scott @ BadAssBikeSeats.com

Secure your seat to your bike.

Pick up a 19" generic battery cable from your local auto parts store. Cost is only about $7. It is one piece, no assembly required, plus being rubber coated you don't have to worry about it hitting the battery and accidently grounding somewhere.

So you have your kick ass seat

Pull the seat and here's what ya got (my 2006 Chop)

Now you could use the front bolt but I was worried about pulling on the plastic side covers, knowing how many people have problems with them anyway

So I went with the bolt that secures the battery tray to the frame just in front of the rear fender.

Secure the cable to the seat. You could run a new screw somewhere on the seat but I choose to use the front latch's bolt. But due to the thickness of the cable end and the washer I replaced it with a longer bolt

So then you're done.... here's what you have. Should be enough to keep somebody from walking off with your seat.

And you don't notice it with the seat on.

Bagger Dave
01-01-2010, 02:38 PM
yep yep!! definately cool shit!:cool:

Mad Dog
01-01-2010, 02:52 PM
A great idea. Not that we should be paranoid but all it takes is on douche bag to ruin your day.

Gas Man
01-01-2010, 03:56 PM
A great idea. Not that we should be paranoid but all it takes is on douche bag to ruin your day.
Or more specifically one douche and you're riding home on a balled up jacket if you're lucky.