View Full Version : Past Polls

  1. What helmet type do you wear?
  2. How's the direction of the site?
  3. Ride to or Trailer there??
  4. Your next bike... NEW or USED
  5. Where do you buy most of your bike assocories?
  6. Where in the USA is the best riding?
  7. Do you ride your child on your bike?
  8. What brand of oil do you run in your bike?
  9. Which area of Michigan has the best riding?
  10. What type/style of bike have you always wanted to own and haven't??
  11. Shorty exhausts on touring bikes
  12. Which personal protective gear do you wear when you ride? (check all that apply)
  13. Do you own any high visability gear?
  14. Have you made any modifications to your motorcycle to make it more visible?
  15. Do you wave?
  16. You helmet rockin?
  17. Happy Anniversary to us
  18. How Much Longer?
  19. Powder or Chrome
  20. Synthetic or Dinosour oil?
  21. Do you use a windshield?
  22. You rocking chaps?
  23. How many bikes have you owned?
  24. What's your longest time you have been gone on a bike trip?
  25. How many miles a day?
  26. What's the hottest temp you've ever rode in?
  27. What's the coldest temp you've ever rode in?
  28. Do you ride in the rain?
  29. Do you associate with any group?
  30. Did you bike accident change the way you ride?
  31. How do you prioritize mods?
  32. How often do you wash your bike?
  33. Where do you buy your mod parts?
  34. What's your riding style?
  35. Loud pipes or NO?
  36. Drink + ride?
  37. Medical Insurance on bike insurance?
  38. ABS or no?
  39. Burn n ride?
  40. What's your speed?
  41. 12 month vs storage insurance
  42. Is your bike ready?
  43. Have you winterized?
  44. How much money for roadside emergency?
  45. Do you have heated gloves or grips?
  46. You out of your cocoon?
  47. Your bike ready to impress?
  48. How many times have you been "down"?
  49. What gasoline do you run?
  50. Does your current bike fit your ideal riding style?
  51. Electric bike or not want?
  52. What tire brand do you run?
  53. Are you on stage?
  54. Detachable Tourpack?
  55. Have you went LED?
  56. Do you pack n ride?
  57. What sound system do you have?
  58. Did you winterize yet?